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Wear, Need, Want, Read: The Streamlined Way to Gift

Christmas Gift Ideas

Especially as Black Friday approaches, it is easy to be lead astray into buying things you don't need, won't use and can't afford - we've all done it. But this new method is the perfect way to stay on track when buying Christmas presents.

For those who aren't familiar, the idea is that you buy someone 4 gifts: something to wear, something they need, something they want and something to read. So whilst this makes the Christmas shopping easier for you, it's also a super personal and thoughtful way to gift - win, win!

Buy the tags here and you're halfway there.

Here are a few ideas for each of the categories, to suit a range of budgets:


  • Slippers

  • Scarf (shop the Ivy & Stitch Personalised Scarf here)

  • Dressing Gown

  • Perfume/Aftershave

  • Jewellery



  • Photo album full of photos from the year (shop here)

  • Board game

  • New bedding (Can't beat The White Company)

  • Polaroid camera (currently on offer here)

  • Weekend getaway


I've just used this blog post as my own source of inspiration as my family will be getting 4 gifts each this year, using this method. There's something quite fun about this way of buying, knowing that all the presents are personal to them and that they'll actually use them. Let me know if you're planning on doing this too - and send any more ideas you have for any of the categories.

Happy Shopping!

Hannah x


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