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The Treasured Notes

The newest launch...

Whether you want to frame your children's handwriting or treasure your grandparents', these Treasured Notes make the most thoughtful, unique gifts.

This launch has really made me fall in love with Ivy & Stitch all over again. In all honesty, I felt like it was missing a certain something, some kind of connection maybe. And this has got rid of that feeling all together. The stories that some people are sending me are so touching, and I'm honoured firstly that you're willing to share such personal stories, but also to create something that will help you treasure these special memories.

Some of the most touching stories have been from people who have lost loved ones. They have a small piece of their handwriting, whether that's from an old birthday card, from a letter or a handwritten recipe from years and years ago. I then convert this into an embroidery file and stitch it out onto natural cotton, before mounting it and setting it in a neutral wood effect frame.

It really is the perfect gift. You can explore more here:


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