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Let's talk bedding...

Did you know we spend on average around 26 years of our life in bed, that's almost a third of our years. So it begs the question as to why we wouldn't want the nicest linens to lie amongst.

The thread count

A super high thread count doesn't automatically mean a higher quality fabric. Once you get past the 1000 thread count mark, quite often manufacturers will be compromising on fabric to get that many threads into a square inch. Anything between the 200-600 mark will usually guarantee you soft, luxurious feeling sheets without the massive price tag.


Part of this is down to personal preference. Whether you like to sleep on fresh crisp sheets, whether you prefer the silky finish, or maybe linen is more your thing. Egyptian cotton will always be my favourite for bedding, specifically pillowcases. It's a breathable fabric which should be high on the list considering the time spent sleeping on it. Practical but luxurious is the perfect combination.

All of the pillowcases in the new collection are made from Egyptian cotton, you can shop them here.

Time to change

How often do you change your bedding?

The recommended time to spend amongst the same sheets before throwing them in the wash is 2 weeks. Think of it as a form of self care, there really is no better feeling than fresh bedding.

As with everything, your desired bedding is so personal and what might feel luxurious to one person might be someone else's worst nightmare. But what I'm sure we can all agree on is the fact that comfort is key, and if you're not 100% comfy in your bed then taking steps to change that is essential.

Personalised pillowcases sound like a fun place to start...


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