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A 'Hygge' Home in 5 Steps

With the next collection being focused around home comforts, I've been looking deeper into what it is that really makes a house a home. The Danish seem to have the right idea with their approach, 'Hygge'.

What is 'hygge'?

Quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

There are so many parts that come into this. It's how you dress your home, the colours and materials, it's the energy you invite into your home, the food you cook, the memories you make. But here are 5 ways you can ensure you get the quality of cosiness and contentment we're all in search of...

Functional, sociable spaces

Hygge focuses on spending quality time together, so designing a home to allow for that will set you on the right track. A clutter free dining table encouraging family dinners and engaging conversations, an open plan kitchen for nights spent cooking your favourite meals with your favourite people. And maybe most importantly, a comfortable, minimalistic bedroom, so you can really switch off at the end of the day. Pair these with an allocated time away from screens and you'll get that moment to disconnect from the online world and connect with yourself and the real world.

Add Textures

Cosy rugs, crisp bed linen, soft towels. This is an easy way to invite a warmth into your home and ensure comfort - one of the main hygge pillars. Breaking up harsh flooring or walls with fabric pieces will bring the house together and make it feel like less of a skeleton and more of a place to relax. Investing in quality fabrics for your home will not only look great but will serve you too.

Clear the clutter

As the saying goes, a tidy home means a tidy mind. Of course in a functional family home, there will be clutter. But effective storage, and dedicated clutter free zones will do wonders for the calm feel of a home. Right now is as good a time as any to sort through your things, and donate or resell the items you no longer need.

Main light OFF

Lighting is maybe the most effective way to great a cosy ambience. You won't get that from the main light so keep that off. Instead, position lamps around a room, maybe a freestanding one in the corner and a smaller one on a table. Lighting some candles or draping some fairy lights will instantly transform any cold space into an inviting relaxing space. This is particularly important in the evening, as our brain takes signals from lighting to start feeling tired. To wind down effectively, turn those lights down.

Bring the outside in

Connecting with nature is a proven way to calm the mind and body, so bringing elements of nature into the home can provide similar benefits, as well as aesthetically adding to a space.

Above all, a happy home is all you need to feel comfortable and safe but these steps can make the memories created in it even more special.


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