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My 5 favourite things about the Personalised Santa Sacks

minimalistic personalised Santa sacks in the countryside with a christmas tree

It's all well and good me telling you that the Santa sacks are a great addition to your Christmas, but allow me to tell you why...

1. They're a classic

No garish prints or crazy bright colours, no sparkles or flashing lights. Just a minimalistic, classic design that will see you through every Christmas and never go out of fashion.

2. The fabric

It's good quality stuff. This linen-like polyester is really sturdy, to the point that the sacks actually hold their shape with nothing in them. No flimsy fabrics around here.

3. They're personal

There will be no arguments over whose presents are whose with these (unless you share initials, in which case we can come up with an alternative for you - just pop me a message or an email!).

4. They fold up small

Christmas decorations notoriously take up way too much space in the loft. That isn't a problem with these. No more bulky Christmas eve boxes or precious stockings that can't be folded. Just fold these up and iron them out again for next year.

5. They're going nowhere

I've already had so many messages this year asking if they'll be back next year. Whether you're planning for your family to grow, want the cousins to have matching or want to do a gift swap with your friends next year with these sacks - they'll be back!

See, they really are the perfect addition to your Christmas. You can shop them here.


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