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5 New Years Resolutions that aren't health/fitness related

Drink more water, do more exercise, eat more vegetables. All the usual suspects when it comes to new years resolutions. But this year I'm steering clear of those and opting for some non health related goals instead. Here are mine in case you want to hop on board...

Print more photos

I love looking through old family photos and I'm so aware that almost all of my photos are on my phone or floating around on the cloud. Nothing compares to the physical photos, in carefully crafted albums or tucked away in their old envelopes, so 2024 is the year to make that happen. Future you will be glad of it.

Chat to strangers

Contradictory advice from what we were taught as children, but striking up a conversation with anyone out and about these days is a lost art. We're all fully engrossed in our phones and we're missing out on so many magical moments. A catch up with the barista, a hello to the person you see on the train everyday or a compliment to someone you pass on the street. It could just make someone's day, if not yours.

Put the phone away

It has to go. At least for a few hours a day. I'm going to try and dedicate a no/low phone day a week as my screen time is hideous. Granted, I mainly work from my phone as do many people but that's all the more reason to step away from it every now and again. Let your mind breathe.

No more 'I'll do it later'

Just do it now. Write it on your to-do list to tick off straight away if that helps.

Say yes

Nothing great happens inside your comfort zone apparently. I think 2024 is going to be a year of a lot of change so I want to try and say yes to as many opportunities that come my way as I can. I have no idea what they might be or where they'll lead me but that's the exciting part!

Let me know if you have any to add to that list - I'm all ears!

Happy New Year everyone.


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